Brisbane to Gladstone


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Training Weekend
4th April 2020 to 5th April 2020

The program is designed to take novices on an Australian Classic Yacht race!

Two days of training which will cover the essentials of sailing plus spinnaker work, how to hoist, fly, gybe, drop and pack spinnakers.

  • How to prepare the yacht for spinnakers
  • Learn how to control the sheets and braces
  • Learn how to control the tack line
  • How to rig the spinnaker
  • How to hoist the spinnaker
  • How to gybe the spinnaker
  • How to drop the spinnaker
  • Understand the spinnaker boom and correct setting
  • Control the spinnaker boom up haul and downhaul

Also helming techniques, race start, race rules and race prep.

Race Weekend
10th April 2020 to 12th April 2020

As one of Queensland’s premier blue water classics, at 308 nautical miles of ocean sailing the Brisbane to Gladstone is very achievable. This offers a great blend of old and new. The course and steady trade wind breezes provide fantastic sailing for the latest high-tech mono-hull sleds and the super fast offshore catamarans, yet there is a unique history associated with this internationally famed classic.

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