Surf to City Yacht Race


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Training Weekend
A quick dash from the Gold Coast to Scarborough ove rthe course of two days, the Surf to City is an exciting sprint up the coast from the glitz of the Gold Coast to the hustle of Brisbane. This race is a south-east Queensland classic, and the only Australian race consisting of both an inshore and an offshore fleet.

Introduction to the essentials of sailing, plus spinnaker work, how to hoist, fly, gybe, drop and pack spinnakers.

  • How to prepare the yacht for spinnakers
  • Learn how to control the sheets and braces
  • Learn how to control the tack line
  • How to rig the spinnaker
  • How to hoist the spinnaker
  • How to gybe the spinnaker
  • How to drop the spinnaker
  • Understand the spinnaker boom and correct setting
  • Control the spinnaker boom up haul and downhaul

Race Weekend
You become a crew member!

Join your crew at Southport on the Gold Coast as you prepare to make the dash up the outside of Stradbroke and Moreton Islands, and then south in to Moreton Bay to finish at the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club in Shorncliffe. It’s quick and exciting, and the crews will all get together for the celebrations at the end. It’s also the perfect training for the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race in April.

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